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April 4, 2019
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April 4, 2019

How to add new coupon?

Coupon are a great way to offer discounts, give rewards and attract new customer and get a loyal customer come back for more.

How to set up a coupon on Jualan Kampus

First and foremost, we’ll set up a coupon you can use right away to make your customers happier.

Let’s say you want to give your customers a 50% discounts on bags until end of June 2019 but only for first 20 customers.

To add a new coupon, go to My Auction→ Coupons and click Add New Coupon.

The opening screen will present you with the Coupon Title and Description fields:

1. General

General section

By default, The system comes with two discount types:

  • Percentage discounts apply a percentage discount to the entire cart.
  • Fixed product discounts apply a fixed amount discount to selected products only. The discount is calculated per item and not for the whole cart.

Use the Coupon amount field to set the amount of the discount, the Discount type field to set the type, and the Coupon expiry date to set an expiration date. You can also offer free shipping to customers using the coupon. In the example above, we’ve created a coupon that gives a 50% discount to selected products only means bag and that expires on June 30, 2019.

2. Amount

Amount section

You can set how much amount you want to give discounts. Here we’ve set product 50% discount.

3. Email restriction

Email restriction section

If you don’t select any restrictions, anyone can add the coupon to their cart at any time, which probably isn’t what you want.

You can apply a few different restrictions to your coupon:

  • Set a minimum or maximum order subtotal (that is: the sum of the cart subtotal + tax).
  • Include or exclude selected products or categories.
  • Limit by ‘allowed’ emails (verified against the customer’s billing email). The system also allows you to include a wildcard character (*) to match multiple email addresses, for example, `*` would make any gmail address.

In our example, we’ve restricted the discount to the Bags category by using the Product categories field.

4. Usage limit

Usage limit section

Here, you can specify how many times the coupon can be used per customer and in total. You can also define the number of products it can be applied to at once. In the screenshot above, you’ll see that we’ve specified that the coupon once by customer, and by 20 customers altogether.

Now, if our shoppers add the “T8Y7GDE” coupon to their carts, they’ll get 50% off all products in the “Bags” category as long as they’re one of the first 20 customers. Any other products are in the cart will remain full price.

5. Minimum Amount

Minimum amount section

You can set minimum amount for customer can use the coupon discounts. For example, we’ve set minimum amount as RM5 so our customer can apply the coupon if the price of bags is at least RM5. If the price of the bag is under RM5, customer cannot use the coupon discounts.

6. Product and Product Categories

Product and product categories section

You can set and limit the products you want to apply discounts. For example, We want to apply 50% discount on bags product and product categories only. Other than bags, the coupon is not valid to use by customers.

7. Exclude Products and Exclude Product Categories

Exclude product and exclude product categories section

Also you can set the exclude products and products categories means that your customer cannot use the coupon discounts for selected or certain exclude items.

8. Show on Store

Show on store section

Display available coupons on Cart and My Account pages and apply them with a single click. This functionality is amazing! It’s an easy way to market your coupons. It also makes customers happy when they discover discounts they can use right away.

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