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April 4, 2019
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April 4, 2019

How to start the auction?

How To Start The Auction (Selling)

The best thing about jualankampus.my is, your item will become more valuable through our auction concept as the buyers will bid until the item is sold. Higher bidder will win and get to purchase your item.

Firstly, make sure you have registered with jualankampus.my. If you have not, you may register here<insert link>. Once registration complete, you will be landed at you dashboard. Click on Auction as shown below.

To start selling new product, click on ‘Add New Auction Product’ located on top right of the dashboard.

This is how the template to add new product will look like. Kindly read below for the explanation of each field.

Upload Product Image

This field is where you can upload the main image of the product you would like to sell. You may upload up to 2 images for every product. Second image of the product can be upload by clicking the ‘+’ sign. We encourage seller to upload the real picture of the product.

Product name

Name your product. Recommended to put what is the item and the brand e.g McGrawHill Human Resource Reference Book.

Product description

Write a short description about the product, so bidders/buyer can get more information such as the colour, condition, etc.

Product Category

You can categorized the product based on the category listed. This will help bidders/buyer to look for the item they are looking for.

Product tags

Any related tags related to the item you sell. For example, you are selling a Human Resources Management textbook. You may tag the following; book, human resources, business, management.

Item condition

Kindly state the condition of the item either ‘’new’’ or ‘’used’’. We appreciate your honesty.

Auction type

Maintain this field at ‘normal’. By choosing ‘reverse’, the value of your item will be reduced. We are here to help make your items be more valuable. Let’s keep it to ‘normal’.

Enable proxy bidding

Checked this box if you would like the system to auto bid for you, until the reserved price is meet. This option enables the system to counter bid the real buyer.

Start Price

The price you would like to start for the auction product. We encourage you to start the price 20-50% lower from the item value.

Bid increment

How much value (RM) would you like to increase in every bid e.g. you insert RM2, everytime someone clicks on ‘Bid’, the value of your item will increase by RM2.

Reserved price

Reserved price should be higher than start price, lower than Buy it now price. The price insert here will be the reference for proxy bidding. Once the proxy bidding has meet the reserved price, only buyers will bid until item is sold. Please note that, if the bidding price is lower than the reserved price, there will be no winner and the auction will be considered unsuccessful.

Buy it now price

Someone might really interested on your item and would like to buy it right away! This is the price you would like your item to be sold.

Auction start date

When you want your auction to start. Choosing the date on the day you post it will start the the auction right away (we recommend this).

Auction end date

When do you want your auction to ends? Minimum is 3 days, and maximum is 14 days. However, you can always close the auction when you are satisfied with the bidding price.

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