How to start the auction?
April 4, 2019
How to bid?
April 4, 2019

How to sign up?

Are a campus community? If you are a student or staff in any tertiary education in Malaysia, you are a campus community and this is the best place for you to look for things you need and make your items more valuable.

To sign up, click the Login link or just simply, click here.

You will be landed on the page as below. Key in all required details.

Choose ‘I am a vendor’

The option vendor allows you to sell and buy, while the option customer only allows you to buy. We encourage you to register as vendor, so you could enjoy both selling and buying.

However, if you register as a customer, you can always upgrade as vendor in future.


Choose a username you like and it may include numbers. It will be use for your future sign in.

Email address

Enter the email that you use everyday for communication. It’s not necessary to use the email address issued to you by your institution.


The password should be at least 12 digits, combination of letters and numbers.

First name

Your given name as per in your ID or legal documents.

Last name

Your family name.

Shop name

This could be same as your username or you may choose other name. Your shop name will appear to bidder and buyers.

Shop URL

Don’t worry about this, the system will automatically captured from your shop name.

Click register,

Or, you may skip all the step above and simply register using your Facebook or Google account.

The below page will appear after you click register.

You will then, receive a verification email at your registered email address. Please verify by clicking the link in order to continue.

Once verified, you will need to setup for your store and insert info of your bank for receive payment. If you wish to skip, you can always update it letter. We advise you to complete it right away, so you may start your auction right away!

Now you’re in and let the auction begins! This will be your dashboard where you can see all the summary of your activities.

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