JualanKampus.my, Malaysia Students Marketplace

Welcome to JualanKampus.my the Malaysia students marketplace. Where shopping makes easier for students and all campus community. The idea of this e-commerce platform is to help students make something becomes valuable and make side pocket money.

Why JualanKampus.my?

It is FREE!

You can sign up for free! No hidden fee and the sign up is easy, you can even sign up using your Facebook account. To set up your shop is also free. Who doesn’t like free stuff, right?

Buy and Sell

Once you created an account, you can do both activities (you must sign up as Vendor). Compared to other e-commerce platform, this Malaysia students marketplace allow you to have your own shop and shopping in just one click!

Fun Auction Concept

One of the main features that we have in this students marketplace is the bidding concept. This where the value of your items can be increase which make it more valuable. The competition during auction can create excitement in winning the item. However, you still have the option to buy it immediately, if you really wants to buy the item.

Filter by Campus

What makes this is the best Malaysia student marketplace, is we have filter feature that can filter items based on campuses. This is very useful for those who wants to sell or buy bulky items such as study table, chairs, wardrobe etc.

Sell, Sell, Sell and Win A Trip

You read it right! The more sales you make, the higher the chance for you to win a trip. Winners will be based on the most items sold in 4 months. Every 4 months, there will be a winner!